Do you have to be obsessed with organization to manage your time well?

As an artist and professional day dreamer, things that are specific and set can seem to limiting or require discipline and personality traits that I lack. One of which is organization and time management. Unfortunately, freelancing is an unforgiving profession when it comes to meeting deadlines, managing a schedule, file organization, and accounting. I've felt inadequate in all of these departments most of my life. Will power is a diminishing resource and doesn't buy us as much progress as we sometimes wish.

This is where habits and systems can be really useful, but where to start, how to do it, and what to prioritize are valid concerns. Here's a shortcut that took me years of trying to develop self discipline and experiencing loads of shame that could have been avoided. Look to someone else who has a system already built and then implement it! DUH! But if it were that easy, we would all have done it long ago. Alas! There is hope! Skillshare teacher Thomas Frank and his productivity class has given me step by step tools, methods and a clear explanation that doesn't require too much guess work, is actionable, and is broken down into small pieces that can be implemented over the course of 2-3 weeks.

In his class I learned how to use google Calendar more effectively, integrate with a task/goal setting app, write notes both on paper and in Google Keep, and how to organize my Drive files which is super helpful to keep back-ups and deliver files to clients in an organized fashion. Rather than explain his course, you can check it out here and if you go premium, you will be gifting me a month free too! But no need to sign up this is a 30 day trial if it's your first time exploring Skillshare. Here's the link:

Using Skillshare has helped me build my freelance business literally walking in the shadows of Giants! I've learned from masters and can now say I know about productivity, SEO, Websites/WIX, and have the systems in place to build quality designs for my clients. If you're wondering "how do I manage my schedule" and "do better" is the answer that comes from within, I know how you feel. But "do better" is just self condemnation and doesn't lead to actual knowing what to do and how to do it. Competence always comes before Confidence. You can do it...with a little help from the greats that came before you!

Thanks for reading and if you have questions about how I implemented the systems in Thomas' class, let me know how I can help!



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