Editing Real Estate photography: Mixing business with pleasure!

I recently had a chance to stay at the Hanoi Marvellous Hotel & Spa. And yes, there's two L's for a double dose of Luxury. The staff was very kind and helpful, and the room rates were unheard of for a hotel of this quality due to the current lack of tourism. My stay had several purposes. One, have a stay-cation while my sweetheart was away with family, two- to take the photos below, and three- to have easy access to Hanoi's bustling "Old Quarter" which is an incredible place for street photos!

As I was greeted by the staff, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the lobby and excited to see my suite. The room was spacious and would be perfect for a couple with a child or in-law as there was a king and twin bed. The view was of a busy traffic circle and a really cool street scene, the sky at sunset, and a billboard that could have been from the 1960's as much as today. I immediately unpacked and began setting up my tripod which is handy in low light interior photos so that you can keep ISO at a low speed (200-400) and have less grain in the photos. While I prefer grain in my street work, in commercial real-estate photography it's not something I like. The sunset and clouds were very cooperative.

I ordered food in after some shots in the streets, stayed up late watching scary movies, and took a few more shots of the room at night. Below are the best edits. If you're ever in Hanoi, consider the Hanoi Marvellous as the staff is great, the rooms are beautiful, and you can walk to many tourist attractions easily.

Their website is here:

In case you're wondering, No, I was not asked to promote or photograph the Marvellous Hotel and Spa. I just saw it from the outside a few months ago and the idea came up to stay there. So this is an unsolicited review just for fun. See you in Hanoi friends!

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