Time's are a changin'. What to do?!

Hey, thanks for checking in to read this. I suppose we are all in the same boat...or apartment...or studio. Being under lock-down/self-quarantine seems like a strange sci-fi movie, I keep waiting for an M.Night Shymalan surprise ending. I feel like I was being

prepared throughout the past year and half for a global catastrophe. Ever since my trip to Bali and reading Tim Ferriss's bestseller "The 4 hour workweek" I had begun to explore the idea of working remotely, being responsible for my life outcomes, and getting out of the daily grind back home in the USA. Fast forward 3 years and I'm still building my online design business, taking college courses and using Skillshare and many other mentor-ship/training opportunities to expand my skill set and grow my business. I wish I could tell you "Don't worry, becoming an online worker/digital nomad/freelancer is going to be great!". It's difficult, very difficult.

The problem. Am I doing the right thing, and am I going about it the right way?? This question plagues me constantly and I'm relentlessly in a battle with self doubt and impostor syndrome. As a night owl, I often wake up late, which is great for working with clients in the USA, but any local clients are shocked when I tell them I wake up at noon.

For the first year, it will seem exciting, like you are making this big change and success is waiting around the next corner. The next year reality sets in, there's so much more to learn and making a start the first year was just that, a meager beginning. Imagine a body builder their first year at the gym. Slow progress, sore muscles, dehydration and what seems like only a little improvement physically but it's all so radically new and exciting. Year two is when the excitement of radical change wears off, the gains seem slower, it takes massive heavy lifting to feel like we are making progress. A new career by an uncommon design unique to you is just like that in many ways.

My first year after being fired from my corporate sales job I began traveling, got interested in Forex trading, wanted to get back into art and pursue a career in design so that I could work from my laptop while sitting on a beach somewhere. Sounds great right? I founded the Land Sea Air Club. The idea was design, invent, invest. In other words pay me money to travel, gamble on the stock market, and fantasize about producing every random idea that came to mind as a viable product. I had no focus, would change my concept day to day, was blowing through my life savings...correction blew through my life savings, and made no money. I sold some t-shirts I had designed to friends and donated half the money to nature conservation.

Feeling discouraged? I'm sorry, but I had to be honest with you. So, now that you've likely discovered the lack of security in working a day job (nothing wrong with it and I do it too frequently, but as an independent contractor), why not get started, make the mistakes, put the hard parts behind you as quickly as possible. The internet has made an unlimited abundance of opportunities available. What is your passion? What do you do for free right now even if you are busy at work or with family obligations? I know people who have turned their love of hot sauce into a business, their love of action figures into a full time gig, their love of crafting jewelry into a day job.

The first step is just getting started. Order some business cards, watch some YouTube videos, read a book by someone who has done what you want to do - JUST TRY!!! If you want help, write me an email. I'm not the best artist, designer, photographer, in the world...but I've been to the school of hard knocks in this freelance game and would love to hear your idea and offer any encouragement I can.

Stay happy, healthy and safe,


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