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ey! Thanks for tuning in this week. So, about the title of this week's post. I'm launching a photography business in Portland, SW Washington, and internationally when possible! While I love street and landscape photography, I actually started off taking photos of Real-Estate during my past career as a RE consultant. It was very challenging as I had no photography experience. That was 15 years ago! Time flies. So the point of this post is to share with you some insights I've gained about pursuing business ideas that stem from a creative outlet. The most important thing is WHY! What's the purpose? So in my case, I love photography and spend hours each day involved in it. I also like architecture, interior design, and houses. The Real Estate market is red-hot right now according to expert Real-Estate consultant Francine O'Shaughnessy of Camas, Washington. Homes are selling for higher than the list price in less than a week, or even a day in some cases!

So here's where I come in. Agents, builders, owners who are listing their home (FSBO) may need photography of the property from someone with experience in the industry because the market is moving so fast right now. Because I leverage technology, have a great camera/drone/tripod and can edit and format the files quickly, I can help out those who can't reach their regular photographer, want to try someone else, or haven't worked with a professional photographer before.

But how will I reach them? I previously posted a flyer design for architectural photos, and flyers are great when used effectively, but printing can be expensive and delivering to specific people that have the most need is time consuming. Enter social media! A fast, effective, and affordable way to reach out to potential clients. Below is an example of what a post may look like that's targeting people who already have photos but don't know how or have the time to edit them...

I created this post mock-up using vector graphic software, photo editing software, and the photo itself is taken with my drone and edited via Adobe Lightroom. The camera sensor records a lot of information and ideally the photo would be taken as close to perfect as possible, but that's the beauty of digital - it's a much more forgiving medium than traditional film photography. Once I've edited the photo, if the whole photo shoot is in need of similar edits, I will save the edits as a "preset" and then at the touch of a button, all the editing work just gets instantly added. You can check out this link here if you're new to presets in editing: .

Once you have an ad built on a social media platform, it's important to choose your target audience, budget and timeline for the social media ad wisely. Don't worry if you make a mistake, it's a process, so start small, maybe a $20-50 ad. Then see how it performs, look at who responded to the ad (if anybody), and then tailor the next ad just a little bit closer to your niche audience. For example, I may not want to send the above ad to Commercial Real Estate agents who may work for a firm that has an inhouse photographer unless I'm offering to assist their in-house photographer with production work/editing. So maybe I aim the ad at mid 30's "do it yourself" crowd who may have taken photos of their home, but can't figure out the photo software enough to get professional looking results. As you go through this process, be thinking about how social media works and what are the expectations of people on the platform. If you post this add on twitter, maybe that works, but Facebook may be a better way to reach this audience.

What are your thoughts? Have you used social media to advertise a product or service before? Post a comment and let me know. Thanks for checking out the post and have a rad week!

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